What is Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy

About Us

About Us

Speech Pathology

We understand that you are reading this information because you have concerns about your child’s development.

You may also feel anxious about an assessment and what results may indicate.

Rest assured with the team at Little Speech, you and your child are in good hands.

  • Nicole Eglington - Principal Audiologist
    Nicole Eglington - Principal Audiologist
  • Lauren Iasenzaniro
    Lauren Iasenzaniro - Senior Audiologist
  • Sharon Gibki
    Sharon Gibki - Clinical Specialist
  • Nellie Roberts - Senior Audiologist
  • Kellie Matthew - Senior Speech Pathologist
  • Scott Eckert
    Scott Eckert - Senior Audiologist

    Our Team Specialises in Communication

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    Opening Hours
    • Monday – Friday
      8:30am – 5pm
    • Saturday (Dulwich only)
      8:30am – 1pm

    Our Locations

    Colonel Light Gardens

    24 The Strand
    Colonel Light Gardens 5041


    63 Dulwich Avenue
    Dulwich 5065


    2 Ann Street
    Salisbury 5108

    Western Hospital

    168 Cudmore Terrace
    Henley Beach 5022