What does Speech Therapy look like?

We develop an individually tailored therapy program for your child with you to ensure it is achievable in your lifestyle and relevant to your goals. To achieve optimal results our therapists may visit your home, your child’s childcare centre, kindergarten or school. This assists in maximising opportunities to support their skill development in all environments and ensures that other professionals working with your child are supported. However, the team at Little Speech strongly believe that therapy sessions conducted with parents are most beneficial in achieving long term outcomes. Parents/carers are the agents of change, and by joining in on therapy sessions you gain a much stronger understanding of how to implement strategies in your daily life.

As with speech pathology assessment, therapy sessions are designed to be fun and engaging and will focus on developing the areas identified in your child’s assessment as requiring support. Weekly or fortnightly sessions are held with a speech pathologist, with an expectation that homework is set and completed following each session. While these sessions are play-based, please be assured that they are developed using the latest evidence-based research. Feedback is provided at regular intervals.

Areas we may focus your child’s therapy on include:

  • Speech (articulation/phonology)
  • Fluency (stuttering/cluttering)
  • Receptive Language (understanding language)
  • Expressive Language (ability to express him/herself)
  • Literacy development
  • Social Language (‘pragmatics’, how your child communicates between different settings and people)

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