Speech Assessment
Speech Assessment

How will my child’s communication abilities be assessed?

The team at Little Speech pride themselves on their ability to make you and your child feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire assessment and management (where required) process. 

Speech, Language and Literacy development are complex areas with assessment and management tailored specifically for your child. The initial consultation is for you (Parents/Caregivers) to attend to openly discuss concerns you have regarding your child’s speech development, language development and for school aged children literacy development (academic progress). Your Speech Pathologist will complete a detailed history documenting your child’s development, medical history, family history and any concerns. Should your child be under the care of other medical or allied health professional any reports you can bring will be most beneficial.

The information you provide helps your Speech Pathologist determine what areas require assessment and how we can best obtain a profile of your child’s abilities. Assessment fees are based on the needs of your child. If they have recently seen a Speech Pathologist further assessment may not be required and therapy can commence following this appointment.

We do recommend that this initial appointment be attended by parents/caregivers only, however, if you are unable to arrange care for your child, particularly for younger children, please feel free to bring them with you.

Some parents are concerned about how their child may behave during their assessment. Please don’t be, our speech therapists are highly skilled in managing children’s behaviours. It is not unusual for a child to be shy or nervous at their first few appointments. The most important thing to note is that assessments are fun, interactive and your child will enjoy attending.

Information obtained about your child through standard assessments and observations will be compared to what is expected of other children his/her age. At the end of their assessment appointment, your speech pathologist will provide you with formative feedback on your child’s speech and language profile and where necessary, work collaboratively with you on settings goals for your child. For older children, analysis of data may be required prior to giving specific feedback.

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