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We understand that you are reading this information because you have concerns about your child’s development and know that you may be feeling anxious about an assessment and what results may indicate. Many parents/carers feel this way. The team at Little Speech assures you that you and your child are in good hands. We will listen and address all your concerns and if required develop a management plan that is suitable for your lifestyle and financial means.

Little Speech is a private speech pathology service specialising in children’s speech and language development (including fluency). For school-aged children, we also offer literacy assessments and management. Little Speech is a subsidiary of the All Ears Audiology group. We enjoy working as part of a multidisciplinary team with the Audiologists at Little Ears. Together the team has many years of experience working with children, including children with complex needs. Please see our staff for further information.

Our Team Specialises in Communication

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